"A makeover is sustainable when it accentuates inner assets and works realistically in a person's life."


Each meeting with a new client begins with an assessment of your unique qualities, your goals, your lifestyle, and your environment. Selena works with you to establish a makeover plan that will best suit your goals. 

You may choose to work on any combination of the four core areas (style and wardrobe, beauty, agelessness and shape-shifting), or to concentrate your makeover on one area (for example, wardrobe).


South Beach International Makeovers creates a plan, specifically designed for you, to bring out the natural, vitality-filled, stylish, and unique you.  We highlight your hidden strengths and optimize your assets. These services go so much deeper than what traditional image consultants offer, as we go beyond the simple shopping spree, closet cleaning or a day of beauty, to achieve lasting results through exploring four core areas:

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Our makeover packages are designed with your specific objectives in mind and range from ½ hour telephone consultations to 7-day total makeovers. Individual, couples, and group packages are available. Following is the list of package types. For further details on the packages, see below in the Menu of Services Section. Package types include:

½-hour or 45-minute Telephone Consultation
For individuals who would like to explore their makeover possibilities and/or receive coaching on a specific aspect of their makeover, telephone consultations are available.

1 ½ or 2-hour In-person Consultation 
Concentrate on one of the 4 core areas (see above) in this consultation that is sure to ignite the WOW in your look and in your life. 

½-day Focus Sessions
For individuals who would like to focus on a particular area or areas, ½-day Focus Sessions are a great choice.

Combination Packages
Combine any of the ½ day packages to create the ideal makeover for you.

Group and Corporate Packages
Project a unified and consistent image for your group or corporation and cultivate a cohesive team environment while accentuating the strengths and assets of each group member.

5 to 7-day Total Makeover
For individuals who are ready to fast track to fabulous, the 5 to 7-day total makeover results in a powerful transformation which will reverberate throughout all areas of your life and style.

Customized Packages
Your package elements and length are customized to meet your individual makeover objectives.

Monthly Retainers
For individuals who would like ongoing support in their makeover transformation, monthly retainers are available.

Group Presentations and Parties
Selena will prepare a customized presentation for your group.

International and Language Options
Whether you are moving to the United States from abroad, or getting ready to move from the US to another country, South Beach International Makeovers has language and cultural makeover options for you.

Special Events
South Beach International Makeovers will design a makeover activity, seminar or lecture to complement or enhance your special event offerings.



½-day Packages

Signature Style Discovery Session
During the first 2 hours of this enlightening ½-day session, Selena works with you to identify the attributes you would like to express and uncover hidden assets. She points out inner tendencies as well as patterns in your current dress which may be hindering your makeover goals, and comes up with a look for you which is both fabulous and congruent with who you are and your objectives.
During the second 2 hours, Selena does a color and style geometry assessment, determining which colors, cuts, textures, and styles of clothing put you in your best light.

Making Room for the New You
Selena comes into your home and assists you in removing from your wardrobe all items which no longer serve your new look. This is not your typical closet clearing. In addition to clearing items which physically do not reflect your style, Selena will assist you in letting go of or transforming items which carry emotional charges of the past…items which no longer serve who you are now. She also provides important advice as to how you can creatively work with some of the current items in your wardrobe to support your new style, as well as identify items which can be used as transitional items to support your wardrobe’s metamophosis.

Shopping with Selena
After determining your style, spend a fun ½-day shopping with Selena for clothing and accessories. Selena will assist you in choosing fabulous outfits and items which support your fantastic new look. The shopping location will be determined beforehand according to your new style and your budget. While wardrobe needs vary greatly from person to person, ½ day is normally sufficient to get your wardrobe off to a great start by finding key foundational pieces or accenting pieces to enhance the foundation your wardrobe already has. If you also wish to shop for accessories (i.e., shoes, scarves, purses, belts, briefcase, sunglasses, luggage – highly recommended!), an additional ½ day is recommended.

Shopping for You by Selena
Don’t like to shop? Selena will do your shopping for you! After assessing your wardrobe needs, Selena will shop for the items which put you in your best light. Personal Shopping can be done for one or a few items, or for a complete wardrobe refurbishment. Monthly shopping retainers are also available. 
Pricing for this service is determined according to the amount of shopping requested.

Hairstyle and Color Assessment
As mentioned on the Beauty—NOW page (click on the wave above), your hairstyle and color, when combined with a great wardrobe, will create a look that is fabulous and radiates your best. Upon receiving your photo, Selena will work at her home office for approximately 3 hours to determine which styles and colors will best suit your new look and bring out your best, and then spend ½-hour to 1 hour with you in person or by phone to present to you her recommendations. As all aspects of your makeover are designed to be sustainable (things you can realistically and easily keep up yourself long after the makeover is completed), Selena will consider your hair texture, volume and growth, as well as how much time you wish to spend on your hair daily, when she makes her recommendations. She will then present you with a printed sheet of her top style and color recommendations, from which you may choose your favorite or work with her on further modifications. At that point, you may then take the photo to your favorite stylist, or ask Selena to recommend and make an appointment for you with one of your area’s top stylists. Selena has access to some of the best stylists in the following areas: Miami, Tampa Bay (including St. Petersburg), New York, Hong Kong, and the southern coast of Spain. Upon request, Selena will accompany you to the salon.

Skin Care and Makeup Consulting
Spend ½ day with Selena and receive personalized recommendations for skin care products and makeup as well as a skin care regimen which will work harmoniously with your lifestyle and your skin. Selena will recommend the best types of facials for your skin as well as body treatments and, depending on where you live, she may also recommend the best salons and spas in your area where you can receive these treatments. For women, Selena will work with you to come up with optimal day and evening makeup and will apply the makeup or refer you to a great local makeup artist. Or, you may choose to receive an energetic face lift, which is a natural technique using energy to firm and lift the skin. Upon request, Selena will also accompany you to the spa.


Combination Packages

Jump-start Your Style
Combine the Signature Style Discovery Session with ½ day of Shopping with Selena to set a solid foundation for your style.

Combine the Signature Style Discovery Session with Making Room for the New You and 1 ½ days of Shopping with Selena for a complete Wardrobe Makeover. 2 ½ Days.

Beauty NOW
Combine your Hairstyle and Color Assessment with Skin Care and Makeup Consulting for a complete Beauty Makeover. 1 day consulting time.


5 to 7-day Total Makeover

Fast track to fabulous with the Total Makeover package.  Address any combination of the four core areas (Style and Wardrobe, Beauty, Agelessness, and Shape-shifting} in this transformative week.  As you re-define your look you will catalyze powerful changes in your life.  This makeover is for anyone who is ready to let go of limitations and ignite their full “before and after”.  The “after” results in your authentic beauty, talents, and strengths being expressed through your look and how you carry yourself.  Practices are put into place which create sustainability and harmonize with your lifestyle and life.



Group, Corporate and Event Packages

Group and Corporate Packages
After interviewing you on your company’s or groups specific makeover needs, Selena will design the optimal makeover plan for your organization and its members.

Group Presentations and Parties
Selena will come and speak to your group on any of the many and varied aspects of a makeover. Selena’s 11 years of experience as an international speaker in 14 countries will bring to your group a dynamic presentation filled with new possibilities.

Special Events
Enhance your special event by offering makeover activities. From special presentations to mini-sessions to spouse programs, South Beach International Makeovers will design an activity to complement your special event.


Additional Options

Monthly Retainers
Ongoing makeover coaching of 1-4 hours per month on the telephone are available, as well as personal shopping retainers.

International and Language Options
From her travels Selena has been immersed in a variety of cultures and understands the nuances which can make all the difference in creating successful cross-cultural relationships. Selena is fluent in English, Spanish and German, and has a working knowledge of French and Italian. International makeovers take place in Florida and are available for:

• Individuals from abroad visiting or relocating to the United States
• Business associates and/or their spouses visiting your company from abroad.
• US citizens planning to relocate abroad

Customized Packages
• All packages are customized to meet your individual or group objectives. Package lengths and    combinations of specific makeover elements designed especially for you are available upon request.