Beauty is an energy that is present in all beings and in all things.  Beauty makes itself known in many ways; through a smile, the certain way a person moves, or the sound in someone’s voice, and in the presence of beauty a pleasure is invoked within our senses, often along with joy and a subtle appreciation of life itself. 

One of the ways the dictionary defines beauty is:

The quality that gives pleasure to the mind or senses and is associated with such properties as harmony of form or color, excellence of artistry, truthfulness, and originality.

When we truly touch upon our inner beauty, or the aspects of our beauty, a certain magic occurs, and a defined richness comes out in our presence.


As we move through life there are momentary events, as well as long-term circumstances, to which we react by hiding our beauty, or some aspect of our beauty, or even forgetting it is there.

This can happen as a result of a variety of situations, such as:

“Your nose is big!” and you go through life thinking that there is something wrong with having a big nose, often hiding it behind your hand.

“You will never be popular like your brother”, you believe it, and as a result do not develop social skills, and often feel socially inadequate.
I’m so glad you aren’t fat like your sister”, so you go on crash diets or barely eat in your adult life to make sure you stay thin, rather than honoring the natural rhythms of your body.
Role Models
Dad always wears heavy cologne, therefore successful men wear heavy cologne.  You looked up to your Dad and developed the belief that successful men wear heavy cologne, so you wear heavy cologne.
You wear white jeans to school and get your period; the blood comes through the jeans and everyone sees it.  You become embarrassed and ashamed, and from that point forward you avoid the people who saw you and you never wear white jeans.

Our responses to our experiences shape and color the way we see others and ourselves, the way we take care of ourselves, the way we present ourselves to the world, and the way we dress, act, and be.

In response to experiences, we naturally make decisions and develop conscious and subconscious patterns.  Some patterns strengthen us and serve us for years to come, while others, which may have served us in the moment, result in the development of distorted beliefs about ourselves, and masking, hiding, forgetting, or minimizing our beauty.

Believing Others’ Opinions
One of my clients had a brother who once teased her that her knees were ugly.  In truth, there was nothing ugly about her knees.  However, as a child, she believed her brother, and, as a result, made the decision to only wear clothing that hid her knees.  She did this well into her adult life, until she one day decided to change that pattern. 

Measuring Up
Another client felt pressure within her social circles to wear stiletto heels.  She was not a tall woman and believed that the stilettos would give her status and make her seem more worthwhile.  She wore the stilettos for many years, creating extensive foot and knee problems.  When she finally realized that she didn’t need stilettos to be a beautiful, sexy, successful, worthwhile woman, a huge healing occurred for her, and her life changed.
Cultural Imprinting
Another client, after he got married, began to overeat, and exercised less and less.  At the time he believed that being married meant no longer having to exercise, and he paid less and less attention to his slowing metabolism.  Over the years his body became more and more out-of shape, and less healthy.  Until one day when he learned he had heart problems and that something needed to change.  After undergoing his makeover, he became healthier, his relationship improved, and he radiated a renewed sense of life and vitality.

Numerous subconscious and unconscious decisions we make suppress or repress our beauty. When we live with subconscious patterns for a long time, it is often difficult to recognize them or become aware of how those patterns are functioning in our life, until another person, who is objectively outside of the pattern, identifies the pattern and helps us find the root.

Through my experiences over the last 17 years of working with thousands of clients throughout the world, facilitating deep transformational processes, I have witnessed a multitude of ways in which subconscious patterns benefit or sabotage our beauty and the quality of our life. My clients and my intuition have taught me about what works and doesn’t work. Through this experience, I have learned and applied numerous techniques to help my clients break free of the confines of even the most stubborn patterns. I have met with numerous surprises, and I am frequently delighted to see my clients break through limitations to reach an inner and outer sense of beauty, freedom, harmony, and truth.

In the areas of beauty, style, agelessness, and shape, I have observed that our subconscious patterning manifests in varying degrees in all areas, from the simple to the profound.

Some of the areas include:

  • How we apply makeup
  • How we care for our hair
  • The clothing colors and styles we choose
  • How we see ourselves
  • How we care for ourselves
  • What we eat
  • The exercise we choose or don’t choose
  • How we relate to others
  • How we practice our spirituality
  • How we deal with stress
  • And more.

Do any of these ring true for you? If so, here are some simple ways you can make quick shifts in the
four core areas:

Make-up with make-up
Are you wearing too much makeup, or the wrong kind, or stubbornly refusing to wear makeup, when a little bit of makeup could make a big difference?  Is more really better?  Are you using the best makeup for your skin and coloring?  Or are you avoiding bringing out your assets by not ever wearing makeup?  Book a consultation with a makeup artist or makeover professional whose way of wearing makeup you admire.

Better than / Less than
Do you tend to compare yourself to others? It is great to be inspired by some quality in another person, and seek to build that quality within yourself.  However, when we cross the line into seeing ourselves as “better than” or “less than”, we move farther and farther away from true beauty.  Focus on YOU and your unique assets, and how you can let them shine, and admire the beauty in others.  Be generous by giving sincere compliments to others.

Pamper YOU
How often do you take time for yourself or relaxation? Make time for regular aromatherapy baths.  The soothing scents and the act of pampering and relaxation will relax the tension in your face and body, and bring out the glow in your skin by enhancing circulation. When you are relaxed, you appear more youthful.

Water generously
How much water are you drinking? Are you hydrated? Drinking plenty of water will hydrate and plump up your skin, enhance agelessness, and contribute to a healthy glow.

Are you styled for NOW?
Do you dress in styles that are incongruent with who you are NOW? Are you wearing “youthful styles”, yet somehow not looking youthful?  Are you wearing "mature styles” which make you look old?  Or are you wearing styles which fit who you were before, yet no longer fit who you are now?  Clean out your closet and get rid of all clothing that does not represent who you are now.  If you think a certain article of clothing is “just not you” any more, it probably needs to go. 

When was the last time you bought underwear? 
Wearing old, tattered underwear underneath a nice outfit somehow doesn’t fit.  Your underwear affects both how you feel and the way your clothes look.  Get underwear that is fresh, comfortable, appealing, and in alignment with your unique style.  For ladies, a bra fitting can make all the difference both in your comfort, and how your clothing enhances your figure.

What colors are you wearing? 
Which color or colors do you wear,
in which people say, “WOW!” when they see you in that color?  If people say you look great in a certain shade of green then strategically (without overdoing) add more of that color into your wardrobe.

Have you remembered your accessories?
Sometimes an accessory can make ALL the difference between making an outfit “just okay” and bringing out your WOW.  Whether it is that pair of earrings, or just the right pair of shoes, or a stylish watch, choose accessories that communicate an aspect of YOU.


Remember that your cells are listening. 
If you are always thinking about or talking about how old or tired you are, your cells will believe you and manifest that.  Instead, remind them that you are rejuvenating and revitalizing.

Wear sunscreen.
Sun damage is the leading physical cause of premature aging in the skin.  Whether you are at a point in your life where the sun has not created any apparent damage, or you have already experienced sun damage, remember to wear sunscreen. 

Be good to your body.
Smoking, certain drugs, and alcohol can age the skin prematurely, as well as have adverse health effects.  Commit to eliminating or reducing behaviors that make you appear older.  Get help when needed.

Know what contributes to more rapid aging. 
Did you know that some foods, such as cooked nuts, cause the cells to age more rapidly through the damaging effects of free radicals?  A simple shift to eating your nuts raw instead of cooked will make a big difference.  Learn more about which foods contribute to aging, and which foods slow down or reverse the aging process.

Develop a body/mind/spirit practice.  
The movement of energy in the body plays a role in maintaining a healthy body, mind, and spirit, while slowing down or reversing the aging process. Implement a practice, such as yoga, martial arts, or meditation into your daily life and you will feel good inside and out. 


Excess weight is sometimes used as a protection.
Your subconscious patterning in response to a painful past experience may be directing your body to protect you, by holding on to excess fat.  A trusted qualified professional can help you to discover and heal that which you are trying to protect.  

How much at a time and how many times a day do you eat?
Do you gobble on the go? Do you eat too much food, too fast? Do you not eat enough? Begin to change this pattern and boost your metabolism by eating smaller amounts more frequently throughout the day.

Select an exercise that you enjoy and that fits your lifestyle.
Exercise does not have to be a chore, and not every exercise is for everyone.  Find what works for you.  Keep in mind what is appropriate for your body, and what activity you will enjoy.  Let your creativity soar and think, belly dancing, salsa, sex, snorkeling, playing with children.

Plan your shift.  Taking too big of a step at one time can sabotage and frustrate you.
The most successful shape-shifting programs do not involve big, drastic changes all at once.  Begin to add in lifestyle habits to support your shape-shifting goals one at a time.

Think pleasure, not pressure.
Focus on how much fun it is to shape-shift! Shape-shifting does NOT have to be a dreaded work project.  It is all up to you.  If you choose to embark on shape-shifting, make it a fun project, rather than a strict regime.  You will be amazed at how much more successful you are.


In every block of marble I see a statue as plain as though it stood before me, shaped and perfect in attitude and action. I have only to hew away the rough walls that imprison the lovely apparition to reveal it to the other eyes as mine see it.

Within you exists an endless sea of beauty, just waiting to be discovered and lit up. Whether you have gotten in touch with your beauty and manifest it well, or have barely touched the surface, there is always another level deeper within you, filled with mystery, passion, and an infinite sense of wonder. Sometimes all it takes is a simple shift in color; Mark was depressed, and in addition to working with a therapist, he also came to me for makeover sessions. He felt that the makeovers would be helpful in uplifting his life. One of the things I noticed was Mark always wore blue clothing. Depression is often synonymous with “feeling blue” and when I shared this observation with Mark and he explored why he continued to choose blue it was eye-opening. Six months later I saw him again, wearing his vibrant colors, and his whole way of being had changed. He reported that immediately after our session he began to add more lively colors to his wardrobe, and his attitude began to change.

Some people light up when they become conscious that change can be a pleasurable experience. Lynette had been trying for 17 years to get rid of excess fat. With some diets, she experienced no change, while with others, she would lose 20-30 pounds, plateau, and then gain it back, to her frustration. After I coached her consistently over time, assisting her in gradually incorporating lifestyle changes, and showed her ways she could re-frame the shape-shifting into a pleasurable experience, she finally let go of the excess fat, and has maintained keeping it off. I was especially thrilled when I found her “before” photos, and realized what an enormous shift she had made in her entire being. Not only had she let go of the excess fat she had been wanting to let go of…her skin was glowing, she had a spark of passion in her eyes that was not there before, and she looked 20 years younger.

Some people benefit from objective help with identifying deeply engrained patterns. Hannelore was a workaholic, and her stress levels were affecting her health. Even with the best intentions of taking care of herself, when it came time to do so, she always ended up doing more work, or catching up on work, or worrying about work, instead. When we got to the core of why she was maintaining this pattern, her whole life changed. Now Hannelore enjoys a full and satisfying life, with a healthy balance between her work time and her free time, and frequent massages, aromatherapy baths, and the long walks she loves, and, she accomplishes more work by working fewer hours. I was especially touched when I saw that she had begun counseling her friends to do the same.

There so many more things that you can do and be to radiate your beauty.

The sessions I offer from South Beach International Makeovers are for people who want to create lasting changes in both their appearance and their life.

After a makeover (especially the extensive ones) I repeatedly witness my clients looking at themselves in a new way, and living life with a renewed sense of vitality and passion. I get great satisfaction from watching this transformation occur.

There are many things you can do to radiate your beauty on your own.
You can start right now by experimenting with the tips we have discussed.

If you are ready to have an expert guide you through your own transformational experience, you can by scheduling a simple phone consultation.

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