Selena changed my view on clothing and style. I found out a lot about my how to bring my inner beauty to the surface. Afterwards, I threw old things out of my wardrobe and bought some really nice new clothes. And then, I kept getting all these WOWS! from friends and colleagues about my new style. Thank you, Selena!
---Laura Wachter,  Munich, Germany


I am so glad I spent time with Selena! She looked into my life, observed where I was stagnant, and then helped me to eradicate obstacles in the way I viewed myself. Selena opened me up to new stylish energies which I've been able to embrace. I've received a lot of compliments on how I look and the energy I exude--even people I've known for a long time have commented about how I've come into my own. For me, this has been huge! As a country singer and man in his late 40's, working with Selena has been a wonderful and exciting transformation for me, both inward and outward.
—Roy Rivers , Hot Springs, AR





Here I am shortly before my hair appointment, which part of me was looking forward to with excitement and the other part not so much, as there was fear of change.  During my hair makeover consultation with Selena I found reassurance that a change will bring out my inner soul’s essence providing the platform for my WOW transformation… so here it goes.


This is the new me, with a bit shorter hair and one tone darker than my natural hair color. I am very happy with the change and the reactions I received from people around me are wonderful, with comments ranging from “you look younger”, to “nice change” to “WOW!”.  My outside feels much more in balance with my inside and is now a true reflection of my soul’s essence. Thank you Selena for pointing out the path to this awesome transformation, you are a truly gifted makeover coach and I will recommend you to all my friends.
Silvia Flores, Summerville, SC

Selena took the depth of compassion from my heart, the intensity of my light, and the warmth of my humor, and taught me how to wear these energies with comfort.  She brought out the best in me, taught me to carry my strengths in front of my weaknesses, and shape-shifted my body 6 sizes smaller.
Starr Fuentes, Hot Springs, AR


  Selena Rodriguez is a powerful and magical woman.  The color consultation she did with me was miraculous.  I realize now that after my daughter was born, I began wearing cooler pastel colors which did not suit me.  Selena showed me that the warmer, vibrant fall colors not only look better with my coloring, but that they also help warm my heart and spark passion in me. 

As I drove home after the consultation, the world looked completely different.  It was as if I was seeing colors I had never seen before (and they just happened to be the colors that look the best on me). These colors seemed to light up and jump out at me.  It was as if Selena had turned up the volume on the colors that were most appropriate for my physical body and aura. Three months later, I continue to see the world around me in this new light.  Everything looks so beautiful and it feeds my soul.

On a more practical note, Selena also worked magic on my shopping process.  Since the consultation, I have a much easier time finding appropriate clothing, and it is usually on sale.  My friends and acquaintances say I look and feel different—that I am transformed.  I am grateful for the external transformation and am even more grateful for the inner transformation that has unfolded as a result of working with Selena

—Zabé Barnes, Hot Springs, AR


I have tried many different ways to lose weight and improve my eating habits over the years.  When I worked with Selena, I realized that she has a unique and magical way of transmitting her own experience into me, making it easier for me to absorb and practice her suggestions. Her compassion and humor made me feel so at ease...and since I never felt judged or criticized, I was more willing to make the small changes she gave me to try.  I am glad I did not end up following another strict regime and harsh diet. Selena also helped me with my wardrobe by downloading wonderful colors for me to work with. She has an amazing gift for transforming human beings.
Christina Malone, Nashville, TN


During the lowest point in my life, you set in motion my total transformation into a feminine, glowing woman. My transformation is so true to me...Selena, I love you!

— Felicia Louey, Hong Kong
Co-owner, Global Retail Ltd. Asia

The session with Selena was extremely powerful. I felt an enormous change, a letting go and reclamation of the profound beauty that I sensed I had but hadn't brought forth. It could be seen by everyone and I expanded tremendously as I felt my beauty on all levels.

—Katherine Coolidge, Atlanta, GA


Louise Lee of Miami, Florida has been getting an ongoing makeover. 
Every couple of months Selena works with her on one or more aspects of her makeover. 

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