For over 18 years, Selena Rodriguez has been in the business of changing lives. She traveled internationally for 11 years, living, working and dressing in the world’s most sophisticated cities leading transformative seminars for diverse audiences.

A former 12-year apprentice and master teacher of ancient spiritual lineage teachings from around the world, Selena cultivated early on the ability to identify energy patterns deep within and facilitate both inner and outer transformation.

Throughout her years of travel, Selena developed an innovative method for utilizing wardrobe and accessories to bring out a person’s very best while at the same time igniting a new outlook in their life.


Selena is a master at bringing to light the beauty, strengths, talents and multi-dimensionality in individuals, and also assists businesses and groups in creating team cohesion and a successful image.  Her opinion as a makeover coach has been sought out by people from all walks of life in Europe, the United States, Asia, Israel, and South America, and clients come to her home state of Florida from as far away as Hong Kong to go shopping with Selena.

She resides in Hollywood, Florida, where she offers private consultations, courses, and intensive makeover and lifestyle coaching to clients from around the world.



South Beach International Makeovers is an executive member of the Fashion Council of South Florida.