DNA Mapping Sessions

Our DNA registers and acts upon every thought we have.  We come into this lifetime with genetic patterns that have been passed on for generations.  Some of these patterns we would like to keep and strengthen, while others we would like to let go of.

Our genetic patterning shows up in our life in a multitude of ways – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

The curanderos of southeastern Mexico have passed on a powerful method for transforming our DNA.   DNA Mapping removes unhealthy and devitalizing patterns from our DNA, and brings in new, healthy, vitalizing attributes.

Are you ready for a powerful and sustainable transformation that reverberates through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels? 

Each time we do a DNA Mapping, everyone in our genetic line, up to 1/32 of our bloodline, receives the positive effects of the mapping as well. 

DNA Mapping takes 2 hours to complete.  The first hour is on the telephone with Selena, determining what to remove from your DNA and what to bring in.  During the second hour, Selena codes your map, giving your DNA instructions for letting go of the devitalizing attributes and bringing in the new, vitalizing attributes.  Once the map is coded, Selena mails it to you.

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