Amaryllis Bring your inner beauty out to shine. The amarylllis initiation activates the gift of splendid beauty.

Goldenrod The goldenrod initiation brings motivation, good fortune, and success. It is also especially good for healing procrastination.
Pear Blossom The Pear Blossom initiation brings good health and hope. It is especially helpful in dealing with stubborn conditions.
Plum Blossom Keeping our agreements is essential for creating solid and fulfilling relationships with ourselves and others. The plum blossom initiation brings clarity on our agreements and creates follow through.
Red Rose The red rose initiation brings passionate love, and much more, in alignment with the many sacred and magical qualities of the rose.
Star of Bethlehem The Star of Bethlehem initiation brings “at-one-ment” in your life, and increases satisfaction.
Sweet Pea Flower The Sweet Pea Flower initiation is especially good when a person has had challenges in letting go of people, things, or issues. It allows for the completion of energies and the opening of new pathways.
Scarlet Zinnia The scarlet zinnia initiation brings consistency. Consistency is an essential element of any spiritual, mental, emotional or physical practice. Consistency builds foundations for bringing into actuality that which we desire.
White Rose The white rose initiation is one of purification. It is especially good for purifying your field from energies that have created aging, thereby creating youthfulness.
Ranunculus The ranunculus initiation brightens your light and increases radiance, opening up the energies for your light to dazzle.
Red Poppy The red poppy initiation brings pleasure. It is especially good for re-awakening areas that have become numb in the enjoyment of life.
Peony The peony initiation activates new levels of happiness in life and love.
Peach Blossom The Peach Blossom initiation increases generosity in both giving and receiving.
Passion Flower The passion flower initiation brings Divine love and faith.
Mayflower The mayflower initiation welcomes overall new beginnings and eases major life changes.
Kingcup The kingflower initiation activates wealth and riches.
Hazel Flower The hazel flower initiation brings reconciliation with friends and loved ones.
Gillyflower The gillyflower initiation brings lasting beauty.
Gentian The gentian initiation activates the sweetness in your life.
Arbor Vitae The arbor vitae flower initiation brings true friendship.

Angelica The angelica initiation brings inspiration and is great for writing a book, other creative endeavors, and/or starting new projects.


Each initiation consists of the initiation itself, as well as a short e-mail feedback from Selena and a personalized assignment to support the integration of the initiation in your life. 

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