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Ropanium DNA Activations
with Selena Rodriguez

The Ropanium Gods are ancient beings who were known for manifesting things out of thin air.  Little is written about them, as the knowledge of them was passed vocally and through presence, or „caught“ teachings in a long, unbroken lineage of Mexican curanderos.  The Ropanium Gods are connected intimately and intricately with our DNA, and each of them corresponds to one of our 12 DNA Strands.   

In a Ropanium DNA Activation, your ancient Atlantean DNA is activated in one of your DNA strands.  Typically in the 28 days to 6 months following this activation, the person notices astounding abilities emerging from their very core.  Keys are unlocked and ancient qualities that have been lying dormant for thousands of years become active, as well as a profound transformation within the person’s  DNA and life.  


The following 12 Ropanium DNA Activations are available:

Rogras.  Initiates new beginnings and activates the gift of Divine Timing.  Increased speed in manifestation. 

Appolonia.   Brings forth a deeper level of harmony in your body, aura, life, and relationships.  It also manifests „new“ relationships out of thin air.

Patene.   Creates healthy boundaries and excavates a deeper knowing and awareness in working with Universal Laws.

Chriogt.  Modulates a person’s energies and systems to adjust to rapidly accelerating vibratory rates.

Nekran.   Brings conscious recognition of a person’s value and purpose in the Divine Plan.

Hydran.  Ensures progress in evolution and breaks through deep levels of stagnation.

Stratan. Opens the Divine Blueprint and facilitates rapid manifestation through clear planning.

Pyran.  Brings forth spontanaeity, breaks through control issues, and opens up opportunities in new spaces and places.

Charonius.  Shows the deeper contracts and attracts people and beings that are aligned with the manifestation of those contracts.

Tempra.  Brings forth profound strength on multiple levels.

Arkta.  Revitalizes ancient connections within the brain, activating ancient knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, and brightness.

Sorsos.  Opens the Light Senses and fine-tunes sensory abilities.


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