Distance Aura Alignments




The aura does not always sit directly centered around the human body.  The physical body is the densest part of our energy field, yet in many cases the rest of the field can sit partially in front of, behind, beside, underneath, or above the physical body. 

Any of the following can cause the alignment of the aura to change:

    • A wake-up call (illness, dis-ease, a cold, job loss, death of a love one, house fire, accident, change in relationship etc.) 
    • Moving one or more levels in your personal or spiritual growth.
    • Surgery
    • A Shift in diet
    • Releasing an original cause or a core issue
    • Polar shifts, or other major earth changes
    • And more

At different key points in a person’s life, the alignment of the aura can change.  When the alignment is off, a wide variety of symptoms can occur, some of which include:

    • Poverty consciousness
    • Lack of boundaries
    • Physical dis-ease
    • Going into the head
    • Control issues
    • Staying stuck
    • Being out of the body
    • Missing steps
    • Resentment
    • And more



An aura alignment brings the aura back to center.  When your aura is aligned you will notice a difference… you will see the world differently.

An aura alignment session consists of one hour on the phone with Selena, during which we will identify in which direction(s) your aura is out of alignment, and to what extent.  Selena will give you tools and assignments that you may incorporate into your life for keeping your aura aligned over the long term, in your particular case, as well keys for recognizing when a misalignment occurs.  After the phone session, Selena will align your aura.





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