Maybe you are overwhelmed by your lists of things to do, constantly trying to get them done, yet not really making progress with all of the things you wanted to get done.

In our busy lives, many of us deal with spending time, making decisions on how to structure our time, making time for our priorities, often feeling like we don’t have enough time, with the result being we spend much of our time thinking about how something in our life takes too much time. This list could go on and on…

In the ancient teachings of Mexico and in some other parts of the world, they define two types of timelines:

Linear time is reference to time that most people are consciously familiar with and accustomed to working with in their lives.  For example, you have exactly 168 hours in a week, and will divide those hours into 56 hours of sleep, 40 hours of work, 14 hours of commuting time, and 58 hours of free time.

Non-linear time can be recognized at a more advanced spiritual level.  It deals with Einstein’s findings that all time exists at once, and that linear time is an illusion. 

Learning about and recognizing non-linear time can be
experienced through a variety of spiritual practices, such as meditation, yoga, martial arts, and other practices which
connect us to the Divine, and the all there “is, was, and will be”.


On a day-to-day basis, most of us are concerned with our linear time, and how to utilize it in such a way that life is fulfilling.  Tal Ben-Shahar, in his book Happier, writes:

Time affluence is the feeling that one has sufficient time to pursue activities that are personally meaningful, to reflect, to engage in leisure. Time poverty is the feeling that one is constantly stressed, rushed, overworked, and behind.  All we have to do is look around us – and often within ourselves – to realize the pervasiveness of time poverty in our culture.

So what do you do with your time,
and how do you be with it?

How do you view your time, and how do you make use of it? 

How many hours do you seem to “waste”?
And how can you shift the energy in your life
to be affluent with your time?

I asked South Florida-based Time Management Expert and Professional Organizer Suzy Wilkoff for some helpful hints on managing time.  Suzy said, There is no real reason why anyone “has” to work 14 hours a day/7 days a week.  For many people, it is important to monitor how much they are working, and to be careful not to work too much. 

The important first step Suzy shared was: “Decide that you are going to make time for yourself." 

For most people, this is the biggest hump to get over.  Be responsible -- not having time is also a choice which you have made, and now you can make a new choice to create the time for a full and satisfying life. 

Suzy suggests to her clients that each day they make a to-do list, which is divided into 3 areas:

  1. Short-term goals (goals for today),
  2. Mid-term goals (goals for the next 1-2 weeks)
  3. Long-term goals

It is important to periodically set goals (including make time in your to-do list to make your to-do list for that day). By writing down your goals, reviewing them daily and checking off the ones you have achieved or completed, you can consistently work toward actually reaching goals which may otherwise have been forgotten or put off, as well as discard any goals which you discover along the way to no longer be your goals.

In making time for yourself, it is essential to take, at the very least, small bits of time for yourself each day.   You can start with simple things, such as getting up a little earlier to enjoy your cup of coffee in peace, or shutting the door to your office 15 minutes per day and simply relaxing or meditating.

Whether you live in South Florida, or anywhere else in the world, Suzy Wilkoff can
help you to manage your time.  Suzy loves to do the things that you don’t like to do!  

If you would like her expert assistance in getting your time in order and/or organizing
your space and your life, you can contact her at
Tasks Unlimited:
(305) 379-6761 or e-mail


Do you make the “time to spa”?  If your lifestyle is a busy one, then it is especially essential to make time to go to the spa to relax and let go of any built-up stress.  South Beach and the surrounding area is home to a variety of spas, including a wide selection of day spas, hotel spas, and some destination spas.

On South Beach, one of the spas you can visit is the Elemis Spa, in the Loews Miami Beach Hotel, at 1601 Collins Avenue.  There you can enjoy a variety of revitalizing treatments for face and body.

Enter the spa, and you will be greeted warmly by a friendly attendant, offering you a robe and shoes.  After changing into your robe, you will enter the “calming room”, where you may sip on cucumber water or herbal teas, relaxing before your treatment.  Last month I selected the luxurious 4 Hands Hawaiian Wave Massage--two therapists massaged my body in synchrony with Lomi Lomi massage, my tensions were released, bringing me a renewed sense of well-being.

When you get a treatment at Elemis Spa, you will receive complementary use of their fitness center for that day, as well as the steam room and Jacuzzi.  You may also choose to order lunch from the spa menu, delivered to you at the spa from Emeril’s Miami Beach restaurant (also located in the hotel) and dine on the spa’s private terrace overlooking the ocean.

There is another Elemis Spa in nearby Coral Gables.  Elemis Spas originated in the UK and you can find them on a large number of cruise ships, as well as numerous locations worldwide, including Hong Kong and London.  I had my very first Elemis experience on Royal Caribbean’s “Explorer of the Seas” back in 2001; I enjoyed it so much I was there every day of the cruise!  For a location near you, go to


One of my favorite skin care products is Crème Hydravitale, from the La Thèrapie line, out of Paris. The La Thèrapie line was created specifically for aging and sensitive skin. Hydravitale is a plant-based cell vitality cream and when I first tried this cream, I was amazed by the results! Within a few weeks, my skin was noticeably younger and smoother. You can purchase Hydravitale at an Elemis spa, or online at


One of my favorite books that has to do with time and so much more is The Power of Now, by Eckart Tolle.  This book is packed full with wisdom and so many profound and useful tips for self-reflection, spiritual growth and enriching your life.

On writing about “The Joy of Being”, Tolle states,
Ask yourself, is their joy, ease, and lightness in what I am doing?  If there isn’t, then time is covering up the present moment, and life is perceived as a burden or a struggle.  If there is no joy, ease, or lightness in what you are doing, it does not necessarily mean that you need to change what you are doing.  It may be sufficient to change the how….See if you can give more attention to the doing than to the result that you want to achieve through it….When you act out of present-moment awareness, whatever you do becomes imbued with a sense of quality, care, and love – even the most simple

The more you can focus on being in the now – being in NOW time, the more fully you will be able to let go of stress and enjoy your life.



The sessions I offer from South Beach International Makeovers are for people who want to create lasting changes in both their appearance and their life.

After a makeover I repeatedly witness my clients looking at themselves in a new way, and living life with a renewed sense of vitality and passion. I get great satisfaction from watching this transformation occur.

 by taking time for yourself, and remembering to
live in NOW time!

Or, you can write to,
or call (305) 807-2959
and be on your way to a beautiful, refreshed, revitalized you!


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